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Best Trolley Bags under 3000 in India

best trolley bags brand

Best Trolley Bag under 3000 in India 2022

Today's fast life made everything fast and quick.

When we plan a short tour, long tour, or any type of vacation tour, we first think about trolley luggage bags that are comfortable and easy to use. 

We Prepare early about how to pack our essentials for visiting any prior destination.

We look for the best trolley bags in India, as we know trolley bags are a great help for every passenger or traveller.

A trolley bag is the first significant item that immediately comes to mind when it comes to traveling.

Trolley bags are not only the most secure way to carry luggage when traveling, but they are also the most practical.

Trolley bags are a good investment for all travelers because of their exceptional usability, performance, and availability in a variety of sizes.

Speaking about India, there are many different types of trolley bags on the market, which makes it simpler for customers to select the best and most practical trolley bag based on their demands and budget.

Buying guide for trolley bags in India

Let me offer you some ideas on what you should consider before buying a travel bag online before I offer some of the best travel bags in India.


When shopping for travel bags online, the size of your trolley bag is an important consideration.

If you're looking for a suitcase for international travel or a long vacation, a large luggage bag is the best option.

A huge travel bag's height is usually 70 cm or more. If you're going on a short trip, though, you should invest in carry-on luggage.

The luggage that you are allowed to take with you on the trip is known as carry-on luggage or hand luggage.

Hand luggage bags are typically small, with a maximum height of 56 cm.


A travel bag with wheels is usually offered in one of two styles: dual wheels or single wheels. This means that a wheeled travel bag can have four or eight wheels.

The wheels on a travel bag with only four wheels must be of good quality and the size of the wheels must support the weight of the bag in order for it to work smoothly on all terrain.

Whether it's hard or soft

Trolley bags can have either a hard or a soft exterior surface.

Hard case luggage provides extra protection because it is designed to absorb the shocks and knocks that a travel bag is subjected to.

They also serve as a deterrent to theft. It doesn't have any exterior pockets, so you won't have to worry about goods being stowed away in your luggage without your awareness.

The major disadvantage of hard luggage is that it has less room than soft baggage, and it requires the bag to be opened entirely and items to be stored in the two sections of the bag separately.

As a result, you can only carry goods that are half as deep as the bag's entire depth.

Lock System

TSA Lock

The Transportation Security Administration is abbreviated as TSA.

In the United States, a TSA lock can be opened not only by the owner but also by TSA agents to examine the luggage and inspect the contents.

Lock System

The TSA employee will have to use other techniques to break through your bag if it doesn't have a TSA lock and needs to be searched, which will result in serious damage. 

If you want to travel to the US and its allied country, a TSA lock is always a good idea.

Number Lock

We are very friendly with this type of lock system, where three numbers are the secret code to lock and open the bag.

Your Requirements

It's also a good idea to double-check that the luggage is exactly what you require.

If you plan on doing any water activities during your trip, be sure your luggage is waterproof.

Carrying Comfort

The bag should be light in weight and capable of carrying a reasonable amount of weight without causing wear and tear.

Luggage bags should have two wheels and an ergonomic telescopic handle or shoulder straps so that they may be rolled about.

This keeps you from carrying a hefty burden and ensures that you can carry all of your belongings with ease when travelling.


The bag should be composed of 100 percent high-quality waterproof polyester to ensure that your belongings are well protected from the rain.

The high-quality material also resists wear and tear, ensuring that the bag lasts a long time.

However, a wide range of models is available in the market which easily confuses us.

To help you out, we underwent research for the top 10 trolley bag brands and their products.

1. Safari Thorium Sharp 66 cms Poly-carbonate Suitcase 

8.4 Out of 10

  • Brand : Safari
  • Outer Material: Polycarbonate
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity & Weight : 81.9 liters & 5 kg
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 46 x 27 x 66 cms
  • Warranty type: 5 years warranty
Safari best trolley bag in India 2021

Product description 

Introducing Thorium Antiscratch, a product that combines strength and beauty to make every movement you make look fashionable and elegant.

Its interior is designed to hold more items than ever, its fixed lock system keeps all your belongings safe.

Get ready to take your style to a new dimension.

Unrivalled Durability

Made from Polycarbonate, the case itself supplies unrivalled durability throughout its lifetime.

Unlike some other hard-shell cases in the town, the Safari Thorium sharp anti-scratch black check-in travel suitcase is scratch-resistant.


The designers at Swiss Gear have been thoughtful and sufficient to include a holding capacity of 81.9 litres.

Safari Thorium sharp Anti-scratch black check-in traveling bag measures 46 cm x 27 cm x 66 cm (L x W x H).

Smooth Movability

The 4 spinner wheels are small yet really smooth as well as effective.

You will not have to feel the embarrassment of a falling travel suitcase while you wait in line to check-in offered in a black shade, it makes one of the most

effective cart bags under Rs. 3000 with a stylish side.

What is People's opinion about this Trolley Bag?

When the customers themselves end up being the voice of the item, there is not much left to say.

For example, this consumer on Amazon found Safari Thorium sharp Anti-scratch black check in travel suitcase to be a good quality product with a nice matte finish structure (anti-scratch), durable and reasonable.

As declared by the firm, the wheels are deals with the bag capable of dealing with heavyweights.

In general, the customers are quite delighted and also pleased with the purchase.

This luggage is an absolute stunner! It additionally wheels well and also has lots of room to keep your personal belongings.

You won't have to feel the embarrassment of a falling travel suitcase while you wait in line to check in.


    Durable and lightweight

    Trolley system with smooth wheels

    360-degrees rotational wheels

    Best for regular Travel


   Number lock should be improved

   Not suitable for Laptop

2. American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene 68 cms  Suitcase

8.1 Out of 10

  • Brand : American Tourister
  • Outer Material: Polypropylene
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity & Weight : 50 liters & 2.8 kg
  • Lock Type: TSA Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 47 x 26 x 68 cms
  • Warranty type: 3 years warranty
best luggage trolley bags in india

Product description 

Luggage trolley American Tourister is an international brand that is widely liked all over the world.

The fashion-conscious and on-trend American Tourister patron prefers to step out in style no matter the occasion.

Comes with High Standard Quality

Like all products from this brand, Its luggage bags fulfill the highest standards of quality for which American Tourister luggage is famous.

It endorsed the brand in more than 100 countries with customer satisfaction and positive feedback.

It'll not only improve your stylish personality but also it'll make you a fashion monger.

You won't have to look further if you choose to opt for its latest collection - Ivy.

Stylish Lock makes it secured

A stylish TSA lock makes it a premium brand as well as provides security during all your travels.

Multi-space Facility

A full-size interior pocket maximizes the utility of space and packing straps help to Securely fasten your belongings.

It's 4 smoothly rolling wheels make you stress-free to carry easily while traveling, even when Completely packed.

This lightweight, spacious and stylish trolley luggage is the best companion for your various types of travels


    Very light and rugged for travelling

    Design is stylish and good looking

    Anti Scratch Design

    Perfect for Travel


   Quality should be improved

   Not suitable for Laptop

3. Skybags Trooper 55 cms Polycarbonate Trolley Suitcase

8.4 Out of 10

  • Brand : Skybags
  • Outer Material: Polycarbonate
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity & Weight : 28 liters & 2.4 kg
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 38 x 21 x 55 cms
  • Warranty type: 1 years warranty
Skybags Troopr 55 cm trolley bag

Product description

Skybags Trooper 55 cms Polycarbonate Trolley Suitcase is very comfortable, and easy to carry.

It is lightweight and handy to use. Must buy this product in this range it is a good choice.

It has a unique and stylish look with a spacious interior designed by Skybags.

It is very comfortable in handling because of its four-wheel.

Premier Quality Trolley Bag from VIP

Skybags Troopers is additionally an excellent item from the brand and if you are performing and also durability, this bag is not most likely to dissatisfy you in any way.

Excellent Durability

With the durable build quality and lightweight layout, the Skybags Troopers supplies the users with the very best value for money.

Skybag Trooper 55 cm Trolley bag delivers the very best without making any type of compromise on the quality.

Excellent Material used

Made up of sturdy polycarbonate products, the Skybags Troopers is one of the most durable products on the listing.

If you are looking for a lightweight in addition to a resilient item.

The scratch-resistant outer product provides individuals with brilliant efficiency and longer life.

Secured with sufficient Lock System

The number lock on the bag makes it secure sufficient to be made use of for long trips and carrying essential things.

The laptop is easy to carry with four sturdy wheels. It make it easier to carry  without any problems.


In all, if you were looking forward to getting a durable and also lightweight cart bag that originates from a reputable brand name.

You will certainly find Skybags Troopers excellent in all elements. Its Stylish look make it a top choice for tour and travels


    360° Rotating Wheels

    Adjustable Trolley Straps

    Scratch-Resistance with Micro-Diamond Finish

    Thick covering for safe luggage movement


   Not water resistance

4. Safari RAY Polycarbonate 53 cms Trolley Suitcase

8.1 Out of 10

  • Brand : Safari
  • Outer Material: Polycarbonate
  • Color: Midnight Blue
  • Capacity & Weight : 32 liters & 2.8 kg
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 22 x 36 x 48 cms
  • Warranty type: 5 years warranty
Safari best quality trolley bag

Product description 

For those persons who are planning to buy a mid-sized Trolley bag that not just has a better build however likewise provides impressive functionality while traveling.

The Safari Ray Polycarbonate Luggage will be a deserving product to think about in the cost variety.

The impressive construct high quality and also its elegant looks make the bag a worthy deal for all.

The fashionable textured design as well as the brilliant efficiency are both reasons we have actually included the Safari Ray Polycarbonate Luggage to the checklist.

High Build Quality

The first thing that you are going to notice regarding the Safari Ray Polycarbonate Luggage is its exceptional build high quality.

The trolley is composed of polycarbonate material that not only offers its stamina yet does not add up the weight.

That means you won't find it too heavy.

Smooth Wheels

The smooth and durable wheels attached in the bag are for smooth moving performance and also even if you have loaded the bags with heavy stuff.

You will not feel any kind of uncomforted while visiting from one place to one more.

If you are after good build quality, Safari Ray Polycarbonate Trolley bag is going to be a perfect pick for you.

Convenient Size and Zipper

Another reason for including the Safari Ray Polycarbonate Luggage on the list is the excellent layout.

The zipper opening, durable manage to lug the trolley and also several various other comparable design.

It makes the Safari Ray Polycarbonate Luggage a deserving offer for customers that are interested to buy an easy-to-use and also preserve cart bag for them.


    Compact and Lightweight

    Best for Casual for Short travel

    User-friendly Trolley bag

   Moves smoothly on rough patches

    Value for money


   Not for Holiday or Long travel

5. Kamiliant by American Tourister 79 cm Trolley Suitcase 

8.1 Out of 10

  • Brand: American Trourister
  • Outer Material: Polypropylene
  • Color: Ash Blue
  • Capacity & Weight : 110.5 liters & 4.2 kg
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 55 x 32 x 79 cms
  • Warranty type: 3 years warranty
Kamilliant trolley suitcase

Kamiliant Kiza polypropylene Description 

Kamiliant kiza is a design inspired by the iconic kamiliant logo.

Made of resilient polypropylene material. It can Withstand The rough handling during your travel.

Its ultra-lightweight, hence enabling you to carry extra luggage. The dual texture makes it resistant to scratches

Smooth Movements of the 4 Spinner Wheels

The wheel with smooth activities brings simplicity from the moment you sign in to the time you work out into your holiday accommodations.

It would stay extremely very easy to navigate, as the 4 spinner wheels call for virtually no attempt to move.

Think of us when we say that you can even practice 360 levels upright turns in any type of instruction with simply a light touch of your finger.

Wear- resistance

The bag is water-resistant and also wear-resistant.

It implies your situation will certainly look excellent even after making numerous excursions.

Kamiliant Kiza polypropylene Specifications

Considering 3.22 kilograms, the Kamiliant Kiza polypropylene ash blue hard-sided check-in luggage is one of the most practical, durable, and also ideal cart bags around.

Available in 47 x 28 x 68 centimeters with a sophisticated ash blue color and dual appearance, this Kamiliant Kiza by American Tourister is supercooling traveling bag at a premium cost.


Perhaps the most remarkable thing is its ability of 71 liters or 3220 grams, allowing you to bring lots of individual belongings.

A bag is absolutely an excellent choice for anyone planning a global excursion.

With its stylish designs, ultra-lightweight residential or commercial properties, as well as an immense three years global warranty.

The Kamiliant Kiza polypropylene ash blue hard-sided check-in baggage makes it to the list of finest trolley bags in India in 2022.

What do Users have to Say about Kamiliant Kiza

Customers are normally excited by the quality, appearance, material, and sturdiness of the bag.

According to the evaluations, the bag fulfills the pledge of being lightweight yet finishing the job.

If you can get this much worth for a reasonable rate, what is stopping you from making this valuable purchase?

The wheel with smooth movements brings ease from the time you check in to the time you resolve into your lodgings.

It would continue to be extremely simple to navigate, as the 4 rewriter wheels call for quite a lot absolutely no initiative to move around. 

Think of us when we say that you can also practice 360 degrees upright turns in any kind of direction with simply a light touch of your finger.


     Unique color and pretty appearance

    Best Budget Luggage bag

    Excellent Quality

   Perfect product for travel with huge pile of clothes

    Compact and lightweight


   Not for rough use

6. Verage Tokyo 56 cm Grey Cabin 4 Wheels Trolley Bag 

8.4 Out of 10

  • Brand : Verage Tokyo
  • Outer Material : Thermoplastic Polymer
  • Color : Gray
  • Capacity & Weight : 43 liters & 2.27 kg
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 63 x 40 x 25 cms
  • Warranty type: 1 year warranty

VERAGE Trolley Bag

Verage a Manchester U.K., comapny existing in 97 Countries and expansion is on process.

Verage is a Brand of is passionate about development and has a team of trained participants that only concentrate on the travel items & components ideal suited for your taste.

Feather Light

For a lightweight bag that glides easily throughout the airport but can hold a great deal of travel gear, consider the VERAGE Tokyo luggage.

When flight terminals across the globe are strictly billing for excess baggage, and travel luggage is considered time after time to catch even an extra couple of extra money.

The Tokyo bag comes as a blessing for the 'pack it all in' tourist.

Spinner Wheels

Silent plane, multi-directional quiet rewriter wheels turn 360-degrees for simple ability to move. 

The coolest thing about spinner wheels is they do not require much stamina or control from you.

As a result of the 4 wheels, the travel suitcase is more likely to depend on its own despite the fact that it may need a percentage of stability from your hand.

The bag can be brought effortlessly on rough or smooth surfaces.

Premium Material

ABS is a type of thermoplastic polymer and the lightest of all thermoplastic products, making it the ideal material for any lightweight luggage range.

It is scratch-resistant and made to absorb impact by flexing while under stress and then popping back to its original shape, eliminating dents and dings while protecting its contents.

Retractable Telescopic Handle

Baggage handles are more crucial than most of us realize.

The Tokyo aesthete proceeds right into the design outlining of the telescopic manage.

The luggage's colour and material contrast well with the metallic handle's apparent curve.

The telescopic deals with decrease physical effort and pain.

The extendable deals with lock and adjust into place according to your height as well as comfort level to avoid back pain as well as aid you relocate your baggage on wheels with maximum convenience.

Roomy Interiors

This bag's stunning appearance is enhanced on the inside and out with the inside lining created by VERAGE.

Fully lined baggage shields stored belongings from snags and scratches, and its smart divider keeps everything tidy and simple to find.

Side Mounted Lock

Features simple side-mounted locks which ensure that keys aren't required. Instructions to reset the mix lock:

Push the button towards the outside

While in this setting, established each number to your choice. Release the button as well as your number is now set

When setting the numbers and do not release the button while setting it, take care.

Thermoplastic Polymer Trolley Bag

ABS is a type of thermoplastic polymer and the lightest of all thermoplastic products, making it the ideal material for any lightweight luggage range.

Luggage handles are more important than most of us realize. The unconcealed curve of the metallic handle juxtaposes beautifully with the colour and material of the luggage.

The extendable handles lock and adjust into place according to your height and comfort level to prevent back pain and help you move your luggage on wheels with maximum comfort.

This Trolley bag's attractive look is complemented on the inside and out with the inside lining created by VERAGE.


     Durability & Eco Friendly

    3 Digit Combinational Lock

    3 Stage Opening Aluminium Trolley

   360° Rotating 4 Wheels With TPU Coating

    Dual Inside Compartments


   For Single Person

   1 Year Warranty

7. Nasher Miles Fifth Avenue 20 Inch Hard-Sided Trolley Bag

9.4 Out of 10

  • Brand : Samsonite
  • Outer Material : Polycarbonate
  • Color : Black
  • Capacity & Weight : 45 Litres & 3.24 kg
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 33 x 24 x 55 cms
  • Warranty type: 5 years warranty

Product description 

Real travel experiences will be made available to the world, according to the phrase "Nasher Miles" as a whole.

You get a Nasher Miles experience when quality, the best service, and a passion for travel are all combined.

Side Mounted Lock

The luggage comes with a built-in side-mounted number lock which guarantees that no added lock and key is needed to protect the components of your bag.


The polycarbonate covering maintains the bags light. The little 20-inch bag evaluates just 3.24 kg.

Spacious Insides

The travel luggage has a roomy primary compartment to maintain your clothing, shoes, and traveling basics.

The totally lined roomy interior with down straps and a zippered divider panel aids to secure contents and also in simple organization.

The modest bag (20 inches) is ideal for a weekend break vacation and also can lug approximately 10 kgs.

Side as well as Top Pick-up Takes Care Of

The baggage is fitted with 2 takes care of - one on top and one more one at the side.

This makes it possible for smooth top and also lateral bring, making the bag very simple to choose either upright or horizontally, as required.

Both deals with are given with added padding.

Attractive Design

Reverberating luxury and abundance via its looks are what makes the bag luster brilliant like a diamond.

The traditional innovative color palette suits the urbane experienced tourist.


This travel luggage from Nasher Miles can be increased by as much as 25% even more from all sides, to help with additional packaging room as and when needed.

This broadening attribute guarantees that all our final crucial things are not left behind during traveling.


The polycarbonate shell maintains the bags light. The little 20-inch bag considers only 3.24 kg. 

The tiny bag (20 inches) is ideal for a weekend trip as well as can bring up to 10 kgs.

The baggage is fitted with two handles - one at the top as well as another one at the side.


▲   Good for 2-3 day trip

▲   Worth for money

▲   Super light and very Spacious

▲   Smooth and Sturdy

▲   smooth wheel movement


   Not enough for 4-5 days trip 

   No protection cover

8. Safari Ray Hardsided 65 cms  Check-in Trolley Bag

9.2 Out of 10

  • Brand : Safari
  • Outer Material : Polycarbonate
  • Color : Midnight Blue
  • Capacity & Weight : 57 liters & 3.6 kg
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 46 x 27 x 65 cms
  • Warranty type: 5 years warranty
Safari Ray Polycarbonate bag

Product description 

Safari Ray Trolley bag satisfies the needs of every traveler looking for a simple yet stylish piece of luggage.

Ray, with its clean lines and delicate hue, is ideal for both work and pleasure travel.

The rough polycarbonate cover protects your items while in transit and protects the bag from small scratches. Your possessions are kept safe thanks to the fixed lock.

You can keep 10 Shirts and 3 Trousers, 1 Coat, 2 pairs of Footwear and 2 Toiletry bags 

Safari got you covered on all your excursions with our 5-year international warranty.


▲   Perfect for your Long travel plan

▲   Durable for traveling

▲   Super light and very Spacious

▲   Perfect product for travel with huge pile of clothes

▲   Easy to maintain


   Lock quality should be improved

9. United Colors of Benetton 57 cm Trolley Suitcase 

9 Out of 10

  • Brand : United Colors of Benetton
  • Outer Material : Polycarbonate
  • Colour : Sky Blue
  • Capacity & Weight : 60 liters & 2.5 kg
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 36 x 22 x 57 cms
  • Warranty type: 1 year warranty
United Colors of Benetton Roadster Hardcase Luggage

Product description

The UCB Trolley bag is a lightweight, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant bag.

One top handle, one side handle, and one retractable trolley handle are all protected with a lock.

It features two main compartments with zip closing and 360-degree rotatable corner-mounted inline skate wheels.

It also includes a lining, two elasticated tabs secured with click clasps, one zip pocket on the flap, and one mesh and zip pocket on the other.


▲   Elegant and Stylish Look

▲   Lightweight and handy

▲   Best for Domestic Travel

▲   have a great experience

▲   Good quality with good looks


   Zip quality should be improved

   1 Year warranty

10. AmazonBasics 55 cm Trolley Suitcase

9.1 Out of 10

  • Brand : AmazonBasics
  • Outer Material : Polyester
  • Color : Light Blue
  • Capacity & Weight : 43 liters & 3.5 kg
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 38 x 26 x 55cms
  • Warranty type: 3 years warranty
buy trolley suitcase online india

Product description 

A great choice for international travel, this AmazonBasics hard side spinner luggage measures 20 inches, a size that's accepted as a carry-on for most international flights.

The suitcase is particularly useful for weekend trips or one- to two-day business excursions, providing enough space for carrying a pair of shoes, a few pieces of clothing, and toiletries.

The 20-inch spinner luggage provides a durable zipper for reliable closure.

Its expandable design creates up to 15% more packing space for extra room when you need it.

Amazing Quality from Amazon

The 20-inch spinner baggage supplies a long-lasting zipper for reputable closure.

Also its expanding layout creates approximately 15% even more packaging space for more area when you need it (as well as less when you don't).

Best choice for flights as check-in baggage

The suitcase might sustain excess-weight luggage charges at flight terminal check-in.

Exceed size constraints when fully broadened (check with airline companies) when totally packed.

When required to transfer a huge lot, the AmazonBasics 28-inch bag uses the ideal solution.

Thick Skin with Scratch-Resistant Finish

The AmazonBasics luggage includes a protective thick skin for stamina as well as satisfaction when it familiarizes that saved items will not be smashed en route.

The hard shell's resilient scratch-resistant surface provides added toughness, helping to keep the luggage looking like new even after rough and tumble travel conditions.

Totally Lined Interior with Divider and also Zippered Pocket

Totally lined, the luggage protects saved items from grabs.

It also scrapes, while its helpful divider panel helps maintain everything neatly organized and easily accessible. 

The travel luggage additionally supplies an interior coordinator pocket with a reliable zipper closure for protected storage.

Telescoping Handle

For added ease, the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner luggage comes geared up with a user-friendly telescoping manage that locks right into location.

Extend the handle when rolling the baggage, then collapse it down in one smooth move for small storage when not being used or when positioned in the trunk or closet.

Four-Wheel Spinners


Manoeuvre the baggage around easily thanks to its four-wheel spinners.

Unlike various other rolling luggage that rolls just forwards as well as in reverse, the AmazonBasics Spinner travel luggage slides in any type of surface without tipping over.


▲   Protective hard shell

▲   Scratch-resistant finish

▲   Fully lined interior

▲   Divider and zippered pocket

▲   Expandable up to 15%


   No external lock is available


Finally, the top 10 best trolley bags have been reviewed by me.

Now, it is your turn to decide which trolley bag meets your requirements and should be easy to use. 

The quality ensures that you want long-term durability.

First of all, before shopping, you must check the characteristics of the most popular trolley bags on the market. 

All the above options allow you to choose trolley bags well together with valuable advantages.

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