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Best Gaming Headphones under 2000


Best Gaming Headphones under 2000 in India

Sound effects have always been considered a major part to make any video or PC game a thriller and exciting experience.

The gaming sector has evolved from a single dimension to multiple dimensions which gives the user a real-life experience of being in the game provided that you have all the required tools.

Sound effects help you build immersive experiences and make a game more exciting.

The gaming headphone market is one of the most competitive platforms, but that shouldn't stop you from setting on your adventure with a gaming headset.

Game designers use them to help set a mood or atmosphere for the game.

Gaming headphones usually help to generate a lot of sound effects which can help players to feel immersed in the game.

This blog will look at some of the sound effects and how they are used. Here's a guide to help you find the perfect gaming headphone.

Gaming Headset Buying Guide

Gaming headphones satisfy every good gamer with a dedicated microphone and noise isolation.

Good gaming headphones provide sound clarity and clarity in audio, even at a low volume. Gaming headphones are a combination of headphones with an excellent quality mic attached to them.

A gaming headphone is used to be different from a gaming headset or they are the same?

We know that choosing a good headset for gaming is not an easy task, and we understand that you might still have a few questions regarding which headset to choose for your gaming sessions.

Sound Quality

When it comes to gaming headsets, sound quality has become an important aspect to consider.

There are numerous new Dolby technology surround sound headsets on the market that provide sound effects that enhance the gaming experience.

Some even come with 7.1 or 5.1 surround sound.

We purchase gaming headphones in order to enjoy greater sound effects and a more intimate connection with our games.

Dolby technology surround sound featured headsets are on the market. These features are pricey but in terms of immersion, well worth the extra bucks!

Some games do not need surround sound, so a basic stereo headset can make a good choice.

The bass is also crucial; imagine a gun being shot next to you in your game while wearing a strong bass headset.

It all comes down to what you need but my guess is that you want the best headset with everything we talked about.

Stereo sound

To record sound in stereo, two separate channels are used.

Then it plays it back through two separate speakers. It creates multi-directional audio.

That is, when you listen to a stereo sound on headphones, it gives the impression that you are watching a stage play.

Stereo Surround Sound - 

This type of sound reproduction is most common and can be found on the majority of gaming headsets.

It usually has a 3.5mm input and is compatible with a wide range of consoles and platforms.

Most games support stereo sound reproduction, but it's difficult to identify the sound and opponents' location.

Virtual Surround Sound

Virtual surround sound creates an illusion of more sound sources than they are.

It transforms the same audio to make it look as if it is coming from numerous directional speakers or channels.

The virtual surround sound-compatible headsets provide better sound clarity, and you hear much more precisely the direction of the sound.

Gaming headsets with virtual surround sound are best for FPS titles like COD, CS: GO, Valiant, etc. Razer Kraken X, Logitech G 633S, Corsair HS45, HyperX Cloud Alpha S, etc offer 7.1 surround sound.

These headphones mostly use a USB connection and software and are hence not compatible with most of the consoles or platforms.

Dimensional Sound

It is also known as Spatial Audio or 3D Sound and works by panning audio tracks freely.

It is the most recent technology, which employs Dolby Atmos (paid) and Windows Sonic (free for Windows and Xbox) approaches to provide a more precise and realistic listening experience.

SteelSeries Arctis 7, Logitech G PRO X and Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2 are some of the Gaming headsets that offer 3D Sound.

It's a notable improvement over Virtual Surround in terms of sound reproduction precision. You may easily hear your opponents strolling above or below you with this sound recreation.

Microphone Quality

You should choose a headset with a microphone that enables simple and clear reception.

If the headset you plan to buy, does not have a microphone with clarity sound, then there is no point in selecting it.

Headsets that offer noise cancellation features will ensure that your microphone does not pick up unwanted noises. Check to see whether your microphone is picking up any unwanted noises.

Look for these must-have features in your microphone - they block any background noise and cancel out the noises behind your voice.

  1. Noise-canceling properties
  2. Mute function for privacy.
  3. Boom microphone.


Gaming sessions can go on for more than hours and take up to 12 hours, especially for professional gamers.

Your comfort plays a vital role in your gaming experience, so choose a headset that is comfortable enough. If you feel suffocated when wearing your headset, you will undoubtedly be bothered while playing.

Choose a headset that is suitable and comfortable. It allows you to play for extended periods of time.

So, what features make gaming headsets comfortable to wear? A lot of things come in between.


A good and comfy headband is a major indicator of quality. Then a tight band over your head may cause health-related issues.

A too narrow head can also cause issues, such as headaches or pain in the head. Check the length and width of the headband ahead of time.

Ear Cups

Ear Cups or padding are another part of a headset and an essential factor contributing to the comfort of a gaming headset.  

They are typically constructed of pure foam, velour, or leather.

Also, proper padding is required to prevent ear pain after a long game session. Leather ear cups outlast foam ear cups that do not have a leather finish.

Material of Headphone

PVC, rubber, imitation leather, silicone, foam, and other materials are often used in headphones.

PVC and polyurethane were the most popular materials for making around-ear headphones.

Silicon, on the other hand, is a softer material for on-ear headphones.


The weight of a gaming headset is also a key point of the comfort it provides.

We recommend you stick around the average weight of headphones, which is close to 8 ounces or 225 grams.

Heavyweight headsets, on the other hand, are more robust and composed of higher-grade materials.


The literal meaning of clamp is to hold tightly, and one of the most important aspects of headphones is how well they grab your ears and head.

Determining clamp force is not an objective task that you can measure on some scale, the only way is to put it on literally.

Depending on the situation you'd be using your headset mostly on, you should try to recreate it while trying your headset in the store.

A high-quality headset has just the right amount of clamp force at key places of contact, such as the ear cups and the headband.

The clamping force needs to be balanced, as some people have the habit of constantly putting it around their neck to have a girl conversation.


In a gaming headphone, size does matter, but only to a certain extent. More weights, a loose headband, or unsuitable earcups are some of the negatives of a larger size.

Choose one that complements your features and suits your head shape correctly.


Durability is an important thing to consider before choosing your headset. Headsets composed of high-quality materials last longer.

Made with cheap plastic quality headphones or a headset that doesn't last long and ear-cups break easily. A good gaming headset will keep you playing for at least a few years.

In a few models, the cables will not be good enough to remain intact for years.

Look for a headset composed of durable materials, such as aluminum, and you'll be set for a few years of gaming.

Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Headphone with Mic


JBL Glide Description in brief

  • Brand : Infinity (JBL)
  • Colour : Black, Blue
  • Connection : Wireless / 3.5 mm
  • Model : Glide 500 
  • Talktime : Up to 13 hrs. 
  • Play time : Up to 20 hrs.
  • Bluetooth : 5.0.
  • Battery : 200 mAh
  • Weight : 220 gm
  • Warranty : 1 year

20 Hours of Play

With a playtime of 20 hours and a charging period of under 2 hours, you can easily transition from one playlist to the next without stopping to charge.

Equalizer with two bands

Give yourself the gift of an unforgettable musical experience. Whether it's a party or a Netflix binge.

Enjoy bass that suits your mood with a Dual Equalizer. Simply hit the Vol Up and Down buttons at the same time.

Sound of Deep Bass

The Glide 500's unrivaled sonic quality shines through no matter what you play! These headphones provide deep bass and crisp notes, allowing you to fully enjoy your playlist.

Bluetooth Streaming Wireless

Connect the Glide 500 to any Bluetooth device, such as your laptop, phone, or tablet, to get started. Without being tethered by cables, you may make calls, be amused, and keep informed.

Calling Without Using Your Hands

You can go entirely hands-free with only a click of a button. Pick up the phone, listen to music, pause or stop your playlists; do whatever your heart wishes.

Foldable, lightweight, and flat

The Glide 500 is constructed of high-tensile PP and is designed for comfort, style, and convenience. The ear cups are multi-axis flat-folding and a comfortable fit in your pocket thanks to a rotational pivot!

  • a plush cushion
  • Assistant by Voice
  • Controlling the volume
  • Earcups with a Soft Cushion

The beats are the only thing you'll notice. The plush cushioned ear cups are meant to sit comfortably on your ears.

It's the ideal musical companion to help you get through your day with as little agony as possible.

Integration of a Voice Assistant

We've taken the simplicity of going wireless to a whole new level with Google Assistant and Siri compatibility by tapping the power button twice on your ear cup.

Controlling the volume

The Glide 500's ear cup design accommodates all controls, allowing you to easily adjust volume, connect to voice assistants, and make phone calls without breaking a sweat!


  • 20 hours of battery backup in optimal settings.
  • the range of the Bluetooth is quite nice.
  • Hands free calling.
  • Quick Charging
  • Light weight and flat foldable


  • Long time use can cause a headache
  • Not usable while charging
  • No Aux. cable support ( 3.5 mm Jack is not given)

MI Super Bass Bluetooth Wireless Headphone with Mic


MI Super Bass Headphone Description in brief

  • Brand : MI
  • Colour : Black and Red
  • Connection : Wireless / 3.5 mm
  • Model : Super Bass
  • Talktime : Up to 13 hrs. 
  • Play time : Up to 20 hrs.
  • Bluetooth : 5.0.
  • Battery : 400 mAh
  • Weight : 150 gm
  • Warranty : 1 year

The Mi Super Bass Wireless headphones are mostly comprised of plastic, with soft foam ear cups that give a pleasant fit even when used for lengthy periods of time.

Furthermore, the headband is cushioned with the same foam as the ear cups.

The audio accessory's left ear cup houses three control buttons that may be used to handle all operations such as power on/off, play/pause, and changing the music track.

The Mi Super Bass wireless headphones weigh 150 grams and are evenly distributed over both ear cups. The Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones have a range of up to 10 meters.

40mm dynamic driver

MI Super Bass Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Mic is a wireless wired headphone that has Bluetooth 4.1 and can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

It gives up to 20 hours of battery life and comes with a mic to take calls. This headphone has a 40mm dynamic driver which has super sound quality and provides powerful Bass.

The headphone is suitable for sports and music listening.

20 hours when charged for 2 hours

The MI Super Bass on Ear Headphone is a wireless headphone with a built-in microphone with powerful bass that gives you the ultimate audio experience.

This headphone is compatible with most smartphones and has a battery backup of 20 hours when charged for 2 hours.

The Impedance of the speaker is 32Ω. This headphone is Bluetooth compatible with V5.0 and has 10m coverage.

Super Bass

Super Bass offers a rich and dynamic sound with a wide frequency range.

These headphones are designed with a built-in microphone to allow you to take calls and control the volume.

The 40mm drivers offer a rich and deep bass output, which makes listening to music for a long time a pleasure. They also have a sleek and lightweight design.


The Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones come with a wireless and wired option.

The wireless headphones are compatible with your iPhone and Android devices while the wired headphones are compatible with all standard audio devices.

The Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones are a must-have for your device. The headphones come in five eye-catching colors and have a sturdy, wearing-comfortably-constructed headband.

Dual Equaliser Modes

MI Super Bass On-Ear Headphones are designed to provide a powerful bass output with its Dual Equaliser Modes for Normal & Deep Bass Output.

The Sound Feature of these headphones is enhanced by its Dynamic Driver which renders a distortion-free sound.

The in-line remote controller offers the latest features of this headphone including Android Control, Answer & Stop. The headphone is durable, compact, and lightweight which gives you a good grip.


  • Light and easy to transport (carry).
  • Battery life of up to 20 hours.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 provides maximum connectivity.
  • The bass is excellent.
  • For emerging sound, 40 mm dynamic drivers
  • Its cushions are not fixed; they are moveable.
  • It appears to be quite premium.


  • Its material should be improved.
  • Its not foldable.

Ant Esports H1000 Pro Bluetooth Wire Headphone with Mic


Ant Esports H1000 Pro Headphone Description in brief

  • Brand : Ant Esports
  • Colour : Black
  • Connection : Wire / 3.5 mm
  • Model : H1000
  • Talktime : Up to 13 hrs. 
  • Play time : Up to 20 hrs.
  • Bluetooth : 5.0.
  • Battery : 300 mAh
  • Weight : 550 gm

The Ant Esports H1000 Pro provides a powerful sound that enhances the gaming experience.

These headphones feature a 50mm over-ear high-quality speaker unit and round 3D draping earcups to enhance the gaming experience.

The headset is lightweight and includes a self-adjusting head beam design that makes it easy to wear. The high sensitivity microphone clearly captures sounds, which is an X-factor for a fantastic gaming experience.

The gleaming bright LED RGB lighted earcups are the cherry on top. Its excellent qualities make it a feasible option.

High-quality audio

The Ant Esports H1000 Pro is our runner-up for best gaming headphones for around 2000 Rs. This gaming headset produces robust sound and enhances your environment with high-quality audio.

This gaming headset will provide you with robust sound and high-quality audio to enhance your ambiance. When it comes to comfort, these Ant Esports headphones are extremely light and come with a stub microphone as well as RGB LEDs.


When it comes to comfort, these Ant Esports headphones are quite light and come with a stub microphone and RGB lights.

This headset will also include 50mm drivers to improve sound quality and overall audio experience.

3D Draped Ear cups 

To cancel out ambient noise, the H1000 is developed with 3D draped earcups, which contribute to one of the greatest ventilation systems in the market.

On our list of the best gaming headphones around 2000 Rs, the Ant Esports H1000 Pro comes under 3rd.

This headset also comes with 50mm drivers to improve the clarity and overall enjoyment of the music. To reduce the amount of noise in the environment The H1000 is equipped with 3D draped earcups that help to provide some of the greatest sound isolation available.

Regulators for control and microphones. A USB port can aid in the creation of a fun gaming environment.

Over-ear High-quality Speaker

Ant Esports H1000 Pro Wired Over-Ear Headphones with Mic features a 50MM Over-Ear High-Quality Speaker Unit which offers a crystal clear and immersive audio experience.

These wired headphones with a mic also provide a comfortable fit with soft memory foam earpads and a long cord.

The stable and sturdy metal frame ensures great durability and stability. Ant Esports H1000 Pro Wired Over-Ear Headphones with Mic is a perfect fit for any gaming enthusiast.

Round 3D Draping Earcups with Excellent Sound

Ant Esports H1000 Pro Wired Over-Ear Headphones come with Mic and are the best headphones for gamers.

With the 3D draping earcups, these earphones offer excellent sound insulation and are comfortable to wear for long periods or sessions.

You can enjoy the amazing sound quality while playing games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, etc.

The in-line mic, as well as remote control, provides you with convenience in taking calls or adjusting the volume.

The Best Game Wearing Experience Design

Ant Esports is here to help you play your best game with the lightest most comfortable and super-portable headphones.

The Ant Esports H1000 Pro Wired Over-Ear Headphones with Mic are designed with a Self-Adjusting Head Beam Design.

With a lightweight design and a dynamic sound, the Ant Esports headphones make sure that you feel the game and not your headphones.

High Sensitivity Microphone with LEG RGB

The H1000 Pro Gaming Headset is a state-of-the-art gaming headset, with a comfortable and stylish design.

The H1000 Pro offers an incredible gaming sound experience, with an over-ear design for maximum audio isolation.

The H1000 Pro features a high sensitivity, noise-canceling microphone, with a built-in LED RGB illuminated earcup, which is great for the gaming environment and gives you the real game experience.


Ant Esports H1000 Pro Wired Over-Ear Headphones with Mic is designed for long hours of gaming and listening.

It is a closed-back pair of headphones with an in-line microphone and a volume control button. It is designed for long hours of gaming and listening.

It is a closed-back pair of headphones with an in-line microphone and a volume control button. It is designed for long hours of gaming and listening.


  •  Good sound quality with a nice mic.
  • Value for money.
  • Comfortable with great-looking RGB Lights.
  • Minimalistic design.
  • For emerging sound, 50 mm dynamic drivers
  • Easy to clean (somewhat).
  • Provides splitter cable with the headphones.


  • Little bigger size.
  • Wired headphone.
  • a bit tighter on the ears 

EKSA E900 Wired Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphone with Mic

Eksa 900 purple wired headset

EKSA E900 Headphone Description in brief

Microphone with Noice-cancelling Feature:

High-sensitivity mic with omnidirectional noise-canceling technology collects your voice clearly while reducing irritating background noise.

Simple volume control and a one-key mic mute button make gameplay a breeze.

In-game or online chat voice conversations will be loud and clear thanks to the noise-canceling microphone.

[Note: The microphone without a sponge cover is an improved version; it will not affect the use of the microphone and is still genuine.]

High Quality 50mm Speakers :

The E900 gaming headset includes 50 mm over-ear speakers that generate crisp treble and stunning bass.

It provides you an immersive gaming experience in PUBG, Overwatch, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty,  Red Dead Redemption II, Destiny 2, and other games.

Humanized & Comfortable Design:

The E900 gaming headset is built to last, with an adjustable metal headband, flexible microphone, thick memory foam cushion pads, and large & soft earmuffs that conform to human body structure for extended use.

Allows you to get the correct fit without restriction and provides exceptional durability; it is suitable for all gamers of any age and regardless of head size.

Convenience & Lightweight:

The headset's single-button mute-on-off and volume-adjustment switch are situated on the cord, providing you quick access to microphone mute and volume adjustments.

At the same time, this gaming headset is lightweight, making it easy to transport whether you're going to work or traveling.

Multi-Platform Compatibility :

The E900 gaming headset with a 3.5mm audio jack works with PS4, PS5, Xbox One Controller, PC, Nintendo Switch, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iMac, Computer, and Mobile Phone.

When connecting with an older Xbox One controller, you'll need an additional adaptor (not included).

This headset is excellent for gaming, working, learning, chatting, and utilizing Skype, among other activities.

Sound quality

The EKSA E900 Gaming Headset is a good choice if you need to absorb more audio cues.

A larger sound profile is provided by 50mm speaker drivers and a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz.


Having a high-quality mic ensures that your teamwork is always on target during the battle.

The microphone on the headphone is excellent, picking up voices with a clean, natural tone.


The spacious leatherette ear cups relieve pressure around the ears and help prevent perspiration over lengthy periods of time.

Compatibility (Cross-Platform)

This gaming headset is cross-platform and works with PC, Mac, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch, and other devices.

This product is incompatible with Xbox 360/PS3, and can only be used on PC, Mac, PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One S/X.

Old VERSION A Microsoft adaptor is required for the Xbox One controller (Not Included).

Microphone with Noise Cancellation

This gaming microphone is detachable and flexible, making it easy to use.

Furthermore, noise-canceling technology eliminates ambient noise for improved speech clarity, allowing your voice to be picked up clearly and loudly.

Elegant Design

E900 was created in collaboration with professional gamers and game designers to give clarity and detail at every frequency and volume level.

EKSA E900 is a great gift idea for your kids, friends, or other younger gamers.

It was tested by the company this headset itself on hundreds of different heads over the years, and the retractable band and ventilated ear pad ensure that every player has the best possible wearing experience.

Metal Frame for Longevity

The metal frame headset is sturdy and long-lasting, making it ideal for long sessions.

To address market cable quality difficulties, we use premium materials, giving E900 gaming headsets long-term durability and stability.

Comfortable & Lightweight

The lightweight design helps you feel comfortable and simple to carry, and you'll forget you're wearing them so you can concentrate on the game rather than the headset.

Wearing this headset for a long session of game will not cause discomfort.

Ear Cushions Made of Soft Cotton

The E900 was created with excellent ergonomics in mind. Gamers will be more comfortable using headphones if they utilize professional gaming headphones with soft and pleasant ear cotton. Long listening sessions will not make you feel uneasy.


  •  Compatible with maximum devices
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Inbuilt microphone with non tangled braids
  • Diffused RGB rings
  • USB cable and splitter cable included
  • Good sound quality


  • Little bit bulky
  • Average bass sound

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 Wired Headphone with Mic

Readgear Cosmo 7point1 Headphone

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 Headphone Description in brief

  • Brand : Readgear
  • Brand : Readgear
  • Model : Readgear Cosmo 7.1
  • Colour : Black
  • Connection : Wired / 3.5 mm
  • Talktime : Up to 13 hrs. 
  • Play time : Up to 20 hrs.
  • Bluetooth : 5.0.
  • Battery : 300 mAh
  • Weight : 608 gm
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Sound Quality:

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 Wired Over-Ear Headphones With Mic is a hi-tech headphone that allows you to change tracks, adjust volume & take calls with ease.

Truly experience yourself in your games with hardware-driven virtual 7.1 surround sound for precisely located audio.

The headphones are also equipped with Inline Remote to handle all your conversations. The headphones come in vibrant colour variants and enable you to stand out from the crowd.


Redgear Cosmo 7.1 is a wireless audio headset that is specially designed for regular gameplay, chatting with friends, and enjoying music.

They are equipped with noise-canceling microphones for quick and stable communication while playing games or talking with someone.

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 comes in vibrant colour variants and enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Build Quality:

The luxurious noise-isolating memory foam earpads and adjustable split headband reduce pressure.

Its memory foam cushions your head, providing optimal comfort for long gaming sessions. 

The noise-isolating design blocks out ambient noise for an immersive gaming experience.

This premium in-ear headphones are compatible with all devices, including Android, iPhones, and iPads.

Noise Cancellation: 

The Redgear Cosmo 7.1 offers passive noise cancellation.

Its closed earcup design minimizes outside distractions, allowing you to stay focused on the game for as long as you wish.

Amazing RGB LED light effect

The headset equipped with an amazing RGB LED light effect on ear-ups and the tip of the microphone.

It illuminates the frequency as well as the ups and downs of the sound.

If you are looking for a headset that puts on a light show for a headbanging good time, this is the headset for you.

The 7.1 surround sound audio system is compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm jack.

Aaudio control inline buttons

It is also equipped with audio control inline buttons, with the help of this you can control volume

In Pubg, you can hear players' footsteps even afar and easily identify their position by hearing gunshots.

You can also tell whether they're on the higher or lower floor by their footsteps. Simply go to Windows Sound Settings > Enhancement > Loudness Equalization and switch it on.


  • The Sound Quality bass is nice
  • Mic Quality is awesome
  • The headband is made of metal.
  • Ear-cups are comfortable
  • Cool RGB light effects
  • Powerful mic


  • Software installation is not easy
  • Noise cancellation is just okay 
  • USB connecter is big

boAt Immortal IM1000D Wired Headphone with Mic

Boat Immortal IM1000D gaming Headphone

Immortal IM1000D Headphone Description in brief

  • Brand : boAt
  • Model : Immortal IM1000D
  • Colour : Black & Red
  • Connection : Wired / 3.5 mm
  • Talktime : Up to 13 hrs. 
  • Play time : Up to 20 hrs.
  • Bluetooth : 5.0.
  • Battery : 300 mAh
  • Weight : 250 gm
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Dual-channel surround sound

The boAt Immortal IM 1000D is the ultimate gaming headphones that enable you to experience the best of gaming sound effortlessly.

The Immortal IM 1000D headset comes with a dual-channel surround sound, that’s perfect for all your gaming and music needs.

Immensely comfortable and bass boosted, your gaming hours will be long and joyous. The Immortal IM 1000D is wireless and comes with a convenient wireless transmitter.

7.1 channel surround sound via boAt Labz

boAt Immortal IM1000D Headphones includes 7.1 channels of surround audio via boAt Labz and Dolby Atmos to experience high-quality surround sound effect while playing the game.

The Immortals are the first headphones with a 7.1 channel surround audio via boAt Labz.

Immortals are the first headphones that has Dolby Atmos technology, which enables you to experience high-quality surround sound effect while playing the game.

Immortals are designed with a wide range of materials that guarantee durability and comfort.

Dual Mics and ENx technology

It has Dual Mics and ENx technology, which allows your voice to be delivered unhindered so that your squad and you can stay in tune irrespective of geographical distance.

Its microphone frequency spans from -100 to 10 kHz.

The RGB Breathing LEDs

With the Immortals, you are able to control your surround-sound experience without even touching your desktop.

This gaming headset comes with RGB Breathing LEDs, which not only promote a gaming experience but also add a touch of color to your desk.

The headphones are also compatible with the Xbox, PlayStation, and other gaming systems. It's a device that will not only make your gaming experience better but also add a touch of color to your desk.

It customizes the audio & mic drivers settings

The Immortals IM 1000D is a Bluetooth-enabled, wireless, noise-canceling wireless headset that lets you monitor your performance & stay engaged with your music.

It features HD-quality sound and a built-in microphone that makes it a perfect choice for sports and music lovers. 

The Immortals IM 1000D is powered by a 20-hour battery that is easily recharged via its micro USB port

Lightweight, over-ear Industrial Design

These headphones are created to offer the best of comfortable listening.

The Immortals IM1000D Headphones are designed with a lightweight, over-ear industrial design, which accompanies by super soft earmuffs that offer a cozy playtime.

The Immortals IM1000D Headphones comes with a built-in microphone & stainless steel buckled headband, to offer high-quality headphone.

USB Gaming Headphones

It is a USB Gaming Headphones designed solely for PC, with a properly braided connection for trouble-free long-term use.


  • Dolby Atmos supported Sound Quality
  • Dual denoising Mic with ENx Technology
  • The looks & design are impressive
  • Boat plugin labz software
  • Detachable mic
  • USB Plugin for Gaming
  • Remote Controlled


  • Wire build quality should be improved
  • Nor for Mobile gamers
  • RGB Color is not much impressive

boAt Immortal IM-200 Wired Headphone with Mic


Immortal IM 200 Headphone Description in brief

  • Brand : boAt
  • Model : Immortal IM 200
  • Colour : Black & Red
  • Connection : Wired / 3.5 mm
  • Talktime : Up to 13 hrs. 
  • Play time : Up to 20 hrs.
  • Bluetooth : 5.0.
  • Battery : 200 mAh
  • Weight : 350 gm
  • Warranty : 1 Year

7.1 channel virtual surround sound gaming headphones

boAt Immortal IM200D Headphones is a pair of 7.1 channel surround sound headphones with an adjustable headband that can fit a wide range of users.

The headphones are made with an in-line microphone and controls for your gaming needs.

The headphones have a built-in volume control, which makes them easy to use when playing games or watching movies.

The headset has a noise-canceling microphone for your convenience

Intelligent denoising mic and ENx Technology

The boAt Immortal IM200D Headphones are a premium set of headphones that have been engineered to provide you with the best experience and performance.

This set of headphones comes equipped with an intelligent denoising mic and ENx technology that delivers your voice unhindered so that your squad and you stay in tune irrespective of the geographical distance.

It is a perfect travel companion that offers the user comfort and the type of sound that the user would want to listen to.

50mm with RGB Breathing LEDs

The boAt Immortal IM200D Headphones features RGB Breathing LEDs that can be manipulated to set the perfect atmosphere in your surroundings.

These headphones are designed to give you a superior gaming experience and a superior audio experience.

The Immortal IM200D Headphones are designed with a professional gamer in mind and are engineered to give you the perfect sound experience.

This enables you to focus on your game and not your sound quality.

 boAt Plugin Labz

boAt Plugin Labz allows you to effortlessly change the audio and mic driver settings.

Its lightweight, over-ear industrial design comes with incredibly soft earmuffs for a comfortable listening experience.

USB Gaming Headphones

It is a USB Gaming Headphones designed solely for PC, with a securely braided connection for trouble-free extended use.

In-game, the mic quality is excellent. People on the other end of the line can hear me extremely clearly and effectively.

2. The sound in the game is incredibly clear, and footsteps can be heard from a long distance.

3. The bass quality is quite great while surfing the internet, watching videos on YouTube, and listening to songs. It has not a particularly loud bass, but it has a classic bass. The volume is also quite nice.


  • Build Quality is very good.
  • The Cable is braided & strong.
  • Medium weight.
  • Cushions are soft and cover whole ears.
  • Mic has metallic braiding.
  • Cushions are soft so ears don't pain
  • Good for gaming.
  • inline control with 5 buttons


  •  Good for light gaming
  • Mic adjustment is not so good

Redgear Trident Headphone with Mic

Redgear Trident Headphone

Redgear Trident Headphone Description in brief

  • Brand : Readgear
  • Model : Trident 7.1
  • Colour : Black
  • Talktime : Up to 13 hrs. 
  • Play time : Up to 20 hrs.
  • Bluetooth : 5.0.
  • Battery : 200 mAh
  • Weight : 332 gm
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Sound Quality:

Redgear Trident Wired Over-Ear Headphones is a high-quality gaming headphone with a 7.1 surround sound. It is designed for gamers with precisely located audio.


Redgear Trident 7.1 comes with a high-quality built-in noise-canceling microphone by the driver for quick and stable communication.

It has an excellent sound quality, balanced sound, and comfortable design. With a full range of highs, mids, and lows, these headphones will provide you with a high-quality sound experience.

The powerful bass and treble will make your music sound more vivid and livelier.

The earpads are made of high-quality memory foam that is soft and comfortable for wearing for a long time.

The high-quality materials and the lightweight design make it perfect for long-time listening.

Build Quality

Trident is a wired gaming headset with a close-cup design that provides maximum sound isolation.

It has a double-layered damped bass reflex system with a noise-canceling microphone.

The soft earmuffs are light, so they won't weigh your head down, and have a high-quality, removable PU leather headband that is both soft and durable.

Redgear Trident Wired Over-Ear Headphones are made of a premium quality material which makes them lightweight, durable, and soft.

It is designed with comfort in mind. The closed cup design reduces pressure on the ears and provides optimal comfort for long gaming sessions.

7 Color Breathing LED light effect on Ear-ups

Redgear Trident Wired Over-Ear Headphones offer an amazing 7 Color Breathing LED light effect on ear-ups.

They are also foldable for easy travel.

The ear-ups can be rotated for a wider or narrower fit. These headphones provide a comfortable fit and an amazing sound.

Wired Over-Ear Headphones

Redgear Trident Wired Over-Ear Headphones is a high-quality, sturdy, and comfortable headset that you can wear for hours with the comfortable built-in ear cushion.

The high-quality sound is an excellent addition to this amazing headset that is designed to last.


  • Sturdy and lightweight.

  • Comes with a mic mute switch

  • Flexible mic to adjust as per requirement

  • Good cushion to play game continuously

  • Braided cable long enough for distant CPU

  • RGB looks good

  • 7.1 surround sound makes it easier to hear footsteps in FPS games

  • Volume controls available


  • The quality could have been better
  • 7.1 is just a software gimmick
  • RGB can't be controlled it will cycle between 6 colours

Cosmic Byte G2050 RGB 7.1 Headphone with Mic

Cosmic Byte G2050 RGB 71 Headphone

Cosmic Byte G2050 Headphone Description in brief

  • Brand : Cosmic Byte
  • Model : Trident 7.1
  • Connection Type : Wired
  • Colour : Black
  • Talktime : Up to 13 hrs. 
  • Play time : Up to 20 hrs.
  • Bluetooth : 5.0.
  • Battery : 200 mAh
  • Weight : 332 gm
  • Warranty : 1 Year

The ultimate in comfort!

Long hours of intensive gaming are no longer a problem.

You may now improve your gaming experience with soft and pleasant ear cups and head cushions, braided wires, and an impressively flexible and adjustable headband.

Show off with style.

True RGB colors will take your RGB gaming experience to the next level. With the RGB external custom display, you may express your style.

If you choose, you can turn off the lights using the on-cable controller.


Playstation 4/5, PCs, and Laptops are all compatible.

The G2050 Headsets from Cosmic Byte are designed to work with a wide range of systems and consoles. G2050 is made for you, no matter what your addiction is!

The Playstation 4/5 has a plug-and-play feature.

Note that you can only manage the volume through the Playstation Settings, not the device's on-cable controller.

Surround Sound (7.1)

Allows you to thoroughly immerse yourself in the game and locate the exact location of the opponent using only their footsteps, giving you the upper hand and making it easier to target them.

For greater customization, visit the Cosmic Byte website and download the Headphone Surround Software.

The Gel Microphone G2050 microphone is comprised of a flexible, jelly-like substance that can be twisted and bent to fit your needs.

GEL also extends the life of the microphone by preventing rip and unwanted bends...

Easy Access On-Cable Controller and USB Input Easy Access On-Cable Controller and USB Input

The days of upgrading your PC sound card to get the finest audio quality are long gone. The headphone's built-in sound card employs digital USB input to play any content at the highest quality and clarity.

Access the volume controls, microphone mute, and RGB LED on/off buttons with the On-Cable Controller.

There is no need to access the PC settings or menu to modify the volume, microphone, or LED.

Volume buttons will not function on Playstation consoles. You must adjust the volume from the Playstation settings menu.


  • The ultimate in comfort!
  • Show off with style
  • Compatible with a wide range of Console
  • Surround Sound (7.1)
  • RGB looks are Cool gives you Premium Vibe
  • Mic quality is great
  • Good build quality


  • This headphone is a bit heavy
  • Cosmic Byte driver issue sometimes
  • Especially for PC/laptop
  • OTG required to use with mobile

Final Verdict

All headphones listed here are used for gaming purposes as well as for listening to music.

Some are loud in the bass, some are heavy in weight. Some are looks elegant with RGB breathing lights.

If you want sober with sound quality go for JBL Infinity Glide 500. If you prefer more exposure on looks, then go for Cosmic Byte G2050.

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